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Re: VMs: Okay, I'll try to date it

Zitat von Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi Elmar,
> At 09:33 02/02/2004 +0100, Elmar Vogt wrote:
> >I've just made up my mind to try a dating of the VM based on the costumes
> >depicted in the various illustrations.
> >...
> There are a number of good leads you might consider following: for example, 
> Jens Sensfelder is (in both our opinions) probably wrong to think that the 
> VMs' crossbowman's headgear is a rolled-up cowl (gugel) - but I don't know 
> what else it could be (and I found remarkably few books on hats pre-1700 
> when I searched for them a couple of years ago).
> AFAIK nobody really knows why Robert Brumbaugh (senior or junior? or both?) 
> considered that it was "a fifteenth-century Florentine archer's hat" - it 
> seems a very precise assertion to have made out of the blue....
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling..... 

Hi Nick,

Actually, when I saw the crossbowman it was the first time I thought dating the 
VM based on costume might be possible, and I _knew_ his dress reminded me of 

Just the other day I remember where I had seen similar garb -- in an old 
encyclopedia on my shelf from 1896 (tallyho!), in the article on costuming 
through the ages. Not all the details were right, but I think I've got a 
starting point and will have to browse through other costuming books to verify 
my idea.

Unfortunately, the few other dressed persons in the VM (like the lady in the 
Virgo medaillon) seem to wear mostly indistinctive costumes. :-(

I don't have any clear notion either what a "Florentine archer's hat" might be. 
I've got a few books on medieval arms and armour, and berets and helmets 
seemingly were more in fashion at the time. Besides, here I agree with Jens 
that the person depicted is probably a hunter, not a soldier.

I'll keep you updated,


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