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Re: VMs: Evita

Hi Knox,

At 18:35 11/02/2004 -0600, Knox wrote:
Evita considers each of the EVA characters
f, k, t, p, ch, c, sh, s, ai, al, am, ar, ee, eo, e,
in, ii, i, od, ok, ol, or, o, d, h, l, m, n, q, r, y,
more or less, to be a discrete letter,
many or all of which represent something else,
likely in an inconsistent and varying manner.

Interesting - but can you please tell us (a) a little more about Evita (which I assume is a programme, not a medium? :-o ), (b) which part of which transcription you used?

It might also be revealing (a) to try labels and paragraphs separately, or (b) to try different hands individually.

Yet... I personally find it strange that "ok" is considered to be a composite letter but not "qo" or "dy" - or even "ot", for that matter. "ai[i][i]n" also seems to cause some problems here. Curious... :-o

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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