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Re: VMs: Evita -- second thoughts

Hi Knox,

At 17:22 12/02/2004 -0600, you wrote:
First of all --- Nick, I mistyped and overlooked "ok" when I
answered your message. Must have been cause for puzzlement.
Did not intend the gallows to be joined. Scratch "ok".

Umm... ok then. :-)

Secondly, I am beginning to think Evita does not necessarily need
a standard alphabet. Anything found with it can be described in
terms of EVA. The idea is to make invisible the obfuscation caused
by two letters representing one bit of information.

Essentially, this is the point of EVA - because (for the most part) you can convert EVA into more or less any transcription you like, you can retain your own private transcription (Evita in your case) while still being able (a) to benefit from the massive amount of transcription work that's already been done, and (b) to converse sensibly with other people on the list. :-)

Cheers, ....Nick Pelling....

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