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Re: VMs: Evita, EVA, and transcriptions.

Hi Barbara,

At 14:32 12/02/2004 +0000, Barbara Barrett wrote:
Transcription has concerned my lately because of my quill and faux vellum
document-hand experiments, and a very high quality 4-colour print of f75r.

The print is of such quality that one can see where the quill, stopped, or
paused; began or ended a stroke; when one line over-tops another etc, the
and the direction of quill travel.

Here's a challenge for you - looking closely at the quill-strokes that make up the two VMs "hands", can you tell the two handwritings apart? That is, is there any evidence to believe that two (or more) scribes physically wrote it, or does the evidence point to only a single scribe (perhaps using two different size quills)?

This has long been an open question, but which (AFAIK) no-one on-list has tried to answer with any palaeographic / epigraphic rigour.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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