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Re: VMs: Text first

Hello to everybody,

as I just subscribed to this list, first of all a few words to introduce myself are in order.

My name is Maurizio M. Gavioli, from Italy. Twenty years ago, I graduated in Latin Palaeography at the University of Florence but, afterward, life turned in other directions and I now work as a free-lance programmer, specializing in flight and train simulation videogames (!).

As you may have guessed, my interest in the VMS is purely amateurish, because it curiously fits both my trainings, in history of writing (now a but rusty, I have to admit!) and in programming.

At 11:41 13/02/2004 +0100, J.Siemons wrote:
Dear list,
this 11th century herbal manuscript looks pretty Voynich like, even got some nudes in it:
But most interesting is the folio on the bottom (36v-37r):
"Spaces in the text for pictures of herbs have been left unfilled.."
This could mean that also in the VMS text came first,drawings later!
And that the writer(s) isn't (aren't) the same person(s) as the drawer(s)....Or that text and drawings have little to do with eachother.....or from different times..

As far as I know, this was a standard practice in _scriptoria_: the competences required from a writer and an illustrator were quite different and usually the jobs were split among different persons.

Of course, in very small _scriptoria_ or in mss. produced by a single person this was not the case.

Whether the VMS belongs to the first or the second case is a matter of debate, I think...


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