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Re: VMs: Another VMS herbal lookalike

Zitat von "J.Siemons" <siem@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> Is this posted before?
> http://www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/dept/scwmss/wmss/medieval/mss/bodl/130.htm
> English,11th century too again.
> Cheers.

Fol44r is interesting. Along with the following pages, it looks like the "key 
pages" found in the VM.

And note the bottom line on f44r... half of it written in small caps, half of 
it in minor letters... I guess that would throw anyone trying to decode the 
latin alphabet seriously off the track. Especially since the sentence in caps 
doesn't seem to bear any particular significance (like a chapter heading or 

I just hope none of us is interpreting too much in similar matters in the VM.



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