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Re: VMs: Another VMS herbal lookalike

At 13:00 13/02/2004 +0100, elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Zitat von "J.Siemons" <siem@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Is this posted before?>
> http://www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/dept/scwmss/wmss/medieval/mss/bodl/130.htm>
> English,11th century too again.

Fol44r is interesting. Along with the following pages, it looks like the "key
pages" found in the VM.

Well, it seems to me a rather regular list of local names (sp.?) ("Other [call it] "partemeon", French [call it] "oblaodia", other "diocolofam", Neapolitan "obulatia"...)

And note the bottom line on f44r... half of it written in small caps, half of
it in minor letters... I guess that would throw anyone trying to decode the
latin alphabet seriously off the track. Especially since the sentence in caps
doesn't seem to bear any particular significance (like a chapter heading or

"SI VOLUERIS SCIRE VIRTUREM EIUS, Facies eum...": If you want to know its powers, make it..."

At 12:14 13/02/2004 +0000, Gabriel Landini wrote:
Word 11 from the left column reads: Spam :-)

Do you refer to f. 44v? There, the 11-th word actually "Spani", i.e. "Spanish"...


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