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VMs: The Key -- [case against "qo"]

Hello Gabriel,

    At 10:39:11 +0000, 15 Feb 2004 Gabriel wrote:
    If one considers <qo> a single character, how does one code the other
    instances of <q>-something. Should one use a different symbol?

I am suggesting that composites and singletons such as <ol> and <l> 
could be coded as separate symbols. If some composites are missed by 
being conservative in designating them the output still should more 
nearly characterize whatever intelligence is in the script by 
eliminating some of the noise. An attempt to eliminate all the noise 
would risk eliminating some of the intelligence.

In some contexts the rare characters could be crucial but assigning 
them all the same character temporarily in order to keep the alphabet 
to a workable length might be worth consideration. 

Ciao ........... Knox
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