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RE: VMs: RE: The key

Jeff >I have never seen anyone try to move others ideas along here. The
criticisms are put forward. No one tries to replicate. What does anyone
gain? Unless someone posts a section of the VMS in plaintext their will
always be reasons
to doubt. I'd rather be in the vacuum than get no help at all. People are
too keen to cling to their own theories. I have changed mine along the way
several times when it has become apparent that they didn't fit. I have
notposted information on everything I have been working on.

	Read a little deeper in the archives and I think you'll see a lot of
collaboraton. For example, many of us don't really support the Chinese
Theory - but points were raised from a lot of list members about the
potential viability of such a theory. However, those who were following
those theories never made a claim to have the answer. That's where you will
find a lot of criticisms brought forward. Honestly, people have tried to
replicate proposed solutions - but they often fall apart very quickly. It
isn't that everybody wants the author to be wrong... it's just that nobody
CAN replicate the solution. Why aren't you arguing that John Stojko's
translation of the VMS is correct and that he has solved the VMS? Questions
about your theories aren't necessarily criticism - they may be a lot of
noise that distracts your focus - but it is almost always offered in the
line of 'if this is the answer - how come I can't replicate the results
following a set of basic rules'. Hostilities do exist from time to time in
email exchanges when someone might persist they have the right answer - and
are angry that nobody is saying to them - yeah, you are absolutely right.
Your case has been so well argued that we can't doubt you have the
solution - good job. Reality sucks. If we can't convince people we are
right - we either try a new angle to convince them or run away mad. It takes
a lot of perserverence to keep trying against all odds, especially if you
really start convincing yourself the whole world wants you to fail.

Nick > I think it's fairly true to say that just about everyone (when trying
to grasp the VMs) goes through a period when it seems they can see something
that nobody else can. However, this is merely a temporary hallucination -

Jeff > Is that a statement of fact I see there? EVERYONE? A very bold
assumption to make.

	Nick did say 'just about'.  Nonetheless, there are some facts unrelated to
the VMS one could state based on un-confirmed assumptions >> I assume it is
a fact that EVERYONE on the list is human. That's a pretty sound fact in my
view - although, even scientific fact has fallen to later discoveries that
errors were made. I think Nick isn't quite right that it's a phase or a
period where they see something nobody else can... we all see lots of things
in there that nobody else can, but which hints and clues are verifiably

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