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VMs: Re: Re: The Why's of Decryption

From: "Barbara Barrett" <barbarabarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: 21 February 2004 10:12

> > Jon Jotted;
> > Ok this is slightly off topic, but I was wondering
> > what everyone's personal motives were for de-crypting
> > the VMs? Is the challange, is it the glory, or is it
> > wanting to solve the unknown?
> Barbara Blithers,
> Sheer bloody anoyance there was a writing system I couldn't master, and
> which epigraphers (who slaver at other undeciphered scripts like the Indus
> etc) seemed to be ignoring. Yet the fact that some of the best ever
> cryptographers couldn't crack it is strong evidence it's a unique writing
> system.
> If it turns out, as most of this list and allmost all past investigators
> believe, to be an encription of some form I shall loose interest.
> Barbara
> PS. To make my position about writing systems more plausable to folk, once
> get my own website up and running this summer, I'll be posting a PDF in a
> unique writing system I devised and issuing a challange, and maybe a small
> prize. I believe it is indecipherable by any cryptographic method. Failure
> on the part of cryptographers to crack it will not prove that the vms is a
> writing system but it will make my contention more plausable to those
> dismissive of it. Their success (which I doubt) would have consequences
> beyond the vms world for their methods could be applied to other
> undeciphered scripts too.

Will it be in a recognized Language? Or will it be pure invention?


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