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VMs: sentences / paragraphs / etc...

Hi Maurizio,

At 20:04 21/02/2004 +0100, Maurizio Gavioli wrote:
"There are theories / explanations / comments on the fact that *sentences* never carry on the
next page, but always end when the page ends?"

The most obvious observation is that the last line of text on most pages (and indeed of most paragraphs) rarely runs right to the the end of a line: and so there's no immediate reason to suspect that sentences cross pages.

However, the EVA <x> character often appears at line-ends in mid-paragraph, suggesting that it may code for some kind of continuation token (like a hyphen). In fact, quite a few pages end in the letter <x>, like f3r, f3v, f5v, f6r, f6v, f17r, f17v, f18v, f24v, f29r, f31v, f33v, f41r, f48r, f54r, f55v, f89r, f106r, f108r, and f115v. So, these may well be places where sentences do cross page boundaries... though (naturally) this is just guesswork. :-o

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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