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Re: VMs: d's (8s) and ampersands (&) was; Nick's Strokes etc

At 10:20 23/02/2004 +0000, Barbara Barrett wrote:
> Maurizio Mentioned;
> About terminology, which seems to be my specialty (<g>), I would
> a distinction which might be useful. We were taught to distinguish between
> _tempi_ and _tratti_[...]

This is useful. Regardless of what the "proper" translations are, these give
us all a terminology to use.

I am glad.

> The only detail I do not agree with is the 'd': for me it is made of 2
> _tempi_ (Barbara's strokes) and 3 _tratti_:

[...]However examining *all* the 'd's on the page you are right, there are
several where the c and p temos (tempi?) are very obvious - almost separated
in fact!

I'm now convinced that there was more than one way the writer constructed
their 'd's.


As you know in writing characters in succession the construction of a
character can depend upon where the pen was when it finished the previous
character, and so Maurizio you've reminded me that there are constructive
differences between characters written in isolation and those written in
sequence - which gives me a whole new area of study ;-)

I am glad again!!

Did you know that black letter labels appears under some of the astrological

Yes, but as I could not read anything out of them at first (or second) glance, I postponed them as "problematic". They seem to have been overwritten several times and the _ductus_ is not easily discernible, at least on the reproductions I have.

Rather Off Topic:

My son, reading over my shoulder remarked the ampersand is a ligature of
"et"?" (what *did* they teach in school in his day?) and was quite surprised
to learn that "?" and "!" came from ligatures of "quo" and "lo"

I wouldn't blame your son's school... Here in Italy, teaching is very traditional (at least it was when I attended it), but I had to wait for the Paleography lessons at the University to learn about the origin of the '&'...

And, in addition, I DIDN'T learn about the origin of '?' and '!'. Probably because our prof. thought that the object of Paleography stopped with Gutenberg (or slightly later) and those signs didn't come into general use until the age of printing (at least I think so....) (or, simply, I wasn't paying attention that day...). Luckily, the knowledges among the members of this list are diversified enough!


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