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Re: VMs: Nick's Strokes [was: thoughts etc]

At 10:53 22/02/2004 +0000, Nick Pelling wrote:

Note that I'm not suggesting an either-or distinction here: rather, I'm trying to get the point across that giving the impression that the writing (when taken as a whole) was located entirely within the littera moderna tradition would be misleading. There are elements of both at play here, if you look beyond the structure of the tempi e tratti. :-)

You are probably right. So, I shall re-phrase my opinion: "From the point of view of the writing technique, the writing of the Vms. is entirely compatible with the _moderna_ tradition".

I know that I tend NOT to look beyond strokes and substrokes (I like those terms); even worse, I do that *intentionally*! This is how we were taught to look at writings and I understand the reasons for it (very off-topic to be explained here). Luckily, trainings, knowledges and 'tastes' within this group are diverse enough to cope with these limitations.


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