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Re: VMs: Re: nationality [was: Hieronymus Bosch...]

	Thanks to Rafal and Dana.  Do either of you, or
anyone, know which family crest was Wilfrid's?  Was
"Wojnicz" spelled thus in Lithuania, under whatever
regime?  I know Lithuanian orthography is not the same
as Polish, which is so distinctive.


> Rafal,
> Thank you for the history lesson. Very interesting. It would be nice to know
> more about Wilfrid's family and backround.

> From: "Rafal T. Prinke" <rafalp@xxxxxxxxxx>

> > > may have had family living in Poland as well. The extent of his
> > > "nobility"
> > > is questionable. His father was apparently at one point a petty officer.
> >
> > We know that Wojnicz himself stated that he was Polish
> > on entering the USA. But it does not contradict the fact
> > that he came from Lithuania. He later lived in central
> > Poland and was imprisoned in Warsaw.
> >
> > Concerning his nobility - it is not questionable at all.
> > Polish nobility was quite unlike British or Western
> > European. The class was much more numerous - estimated
> > at 10% of the population (and more in some areas).
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