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Re: VMs: "Running code" -- I hope not...

 Subject: Re: VMs: "Running code" -- I hope not...
 At 21:22 22/02/2004 +0100, Elmar Vogt wrote:
 >This afternoon I fiddled around a little with the idea of a "running code".
 >Essentially, I modelled a slightly alterated Alberti code wheel -- To 
 >encode text, you've got a pointer on the rotable inner disk, which you put 
 >beneath the current letter. Then you write down the character of the inner 
 >disk beneath the next letter from your source text, and subsequently move 
 >the pointer to this position, etc.
 >The results are funny. [...] whatever underlying structure you had is 
 >completely erased. (Not to mention making things even more difficult by 
 >employing a scrambled, rather than a sorted alphabet on the Alberti wheel.)
 Well, if each character codes the "alphabetic distance" between two 
 characters IN THE PLAIN TEXT (rather than between the last coded character 
 and the next plain character to code), some structure would remain; for 
 instance, once coded, _rosa rosae rosae rosam_, etc... would remain 
 ostensibly a paradigm, as the 2nd, 3rd 4th letters of each word would 
 remain the same (if you "restart" at each word, even the first letter would 
 be the same).
 Wouldn't this match better the Vms. content?
 On a different plan, I would expect repetitions of the same character to be 
 rendered in some special way (or even ignored) as, for any (non-forgery) 
 date which has been postulated for the Vms, 0 was not reckoned as a valid 
   Maurizio M. Gavioli -  VistaMare  Software
   via San Bernardo 5, I-16030 Pieve Ligure, ITALY

Gentlemen (& Ladies) :-)

I resubmit, (& not to convolude above), the inscrutable (difficult for 
some to understand?) Folding/Flipping technique!  (Simple when shown).
In the case of _rosa rosae rosae rosem_ , the author/scribe would have 
by now simply "Flipped" the ~MiRrOr~ alphanumeric KEY PAGE" when 
encountering a word like "error" (here the 3 "r's" MUST be reduced)and 
continued quilling. This will/could/would  occur even in 
START-MID-ENDING letter repetive Word(s)
Obviously depending on the unique word encountered to be scribed.
(and that would be to our scribes whim - so the MORE gallows in a word 
or sentence or paragraph - I'll re bet a pizza it will be the last 
"word(s)" to be cracked here. :-0

Simple common words, are less apt to 'multiple-convolusions', but 
could fall into the folding/flipping KEY all the same.

*Thus the ~nature of the vms beast~.*

Personally, I think this is a waste of time (flipping over & over), 
and towards the end (if that's the order copy-flo?) show far fewer 
c_gallows_c's. (Folding is more than enough)

This flipping of alphanumeric mirror code is noted by c_gallows_c and 
stand.a.lone gallows. (to revert BACK to the other 1/2 of the 
alphanumeric key. (start/_restart_)

IT'S VERY IMPORTANT to always START at the top left of a page, or at 
least a sentenced gallows (if you know from whence (key(8) you came).

It was indeed "secreted away" in code, (folded & flipped WITH A 
_DESIGNED PATTERN_)... These "character shapes alone" should tell you 
that, as they ALL exist no where else in the (this) world.

 but as 'the time is now?', .... fold/flip!

The Folding/Flipping is *STATIC* ..... its Order?/Language/Mirror? 
ARrGGgggggg I'm just 1 of 12 here - SoRrY :-(

Almost all pages of the VMs are standalone. However NOT ALL pages are 
in their proper order, and I haven't a clue as to last folio folding 
and binding of the book itself. But, some "pages" ARE missing in our  
YALE book. 

This is not beyond reverse engineering (even without a missing key - 
IF *IT* (KEY) EVEN EXISTED in the VMS), EACH PAGE can exist on it's 
own, and be decoded from the folding/flip(mirror) process!!!!!!!!

Hope this helps :-)
Best to you & yours

steve (each gallows points to 8 dif/characters) ekwall


"_restart_ at each/next of the different gallows"
.. round & round & round it goes , so I like the TERM "Running 
Code", But the KEY is static and that is good!! Always remember were 
your at (each character counts & gallows mirror) see _start_ gallows 
at top (upper left) of what ever page your working on there.


don't give up on folding/flipping tell you try to insert some know 
text into it and compare the entropy (whatever language you choose).

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