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Re: VMs: Oldest Dating "Running code" -- I hope not...


 Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 14:14:47 -0500
 From: Larry Roux <LRoux@xxxxxxx>
 Reply-To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: Re: VMs: "Running code" -- I hope not...
 You are sort of correct.  Zero (both in character and concept) was around long before the VMS, but it was not in common mathematical use until the 1600s.
 But it could be inferred as in: "if the start character of the word is "o" then use the table below.  If the start character of the word is "d" then get the next character.  If "s" then the second character following.."   
 Use of zero without actually using zero.
hi all :-)

just re-considering (older than you think(ES)/ DATE....

since I had never seen the VMS before ES said "IT'S OLDER than you 
think", I've a question or two ref: DATE (if I might) ....

many people here are set @ 14 15c
others 15 16c

to side now: I seem to recall an "ICEMAN" (caveman?) being found with 
a HAT on and frozen.. (shot in the back with arrow)  well, HATS WORK 
(duh) and the shape was 
mongolean/Chinese [Ear Flapsped] (oh.no the China/vms connection).... 
similar HATS are worn here in ~Blizzard Times~ (western USA 2004)

(ears get cold 1st? / blod flow thing I think / then your feet / 
or nose? , H*ck I don't KNOW but you cover 'em etc.......)

nothing against the ladies on the list (or maybe THANKS to ALL ladies) 
the egyptians have _CARVED in STONE_ some pretty ~fancy HAIRDOES~ / 
woman /fickily?/ change.. since the beginning... oh well.. :-) got to 
love 'em. BUT THIS STONE IMAGES of hair.do's are dated into the BC's.

concerning the vms I think "BATHS" can go pretty far BACK.in.TIME too

while i won't introduce the ~floating of stone~ of stone to this vms 
list on how the pyrimids (at least the great one / copy'd) were built. 
i would like to add here our great (x)great great (xx)great 
grandfathers father was  
NOT SO DUMB! ... and we should be NOT SO ASSUMING (that we are above 
_them_ now).

consider my boy-hood hero (tv), DANIEL BOONE (usa/ALAMO etc..) he wore 
a 'coon skin cap/hat! But, that was say 17 18c.. ps a r'coon is a 
~Critter~ like a skunk, but with the stipes 'going the other way'.
He wasn't a cave-man?

and consider a search I did on-line last year, that the "cross-bow" 
was recorded in chinese history by at least 1 BC (maybe 10 BC), but 
surely OLDER than 14 15 16 17 bc. (google.com)

since (and i suppose it's NOT decode yet) the VMS was written on 
vellum, and it's called the "MOST MYSTERIOUS MANUSCRIPT in the WORLD", 
& as NO ONE KNOWS _what it SAYS_, What Language it is written in, WHEN 
it WAS ~Written~, whom wrote it or where it really came from.....

I want a window of date possible:

question(s): IF VELLUM (how old can that be?) oldest date?

i've heard/read vellum is not just "sheep-skin" (middle-east), but 
includes calf-skin and pretty much ~any criitter you can catch & skin 
the hide off of~ (d.boone) :-0

zero(s) (since BEFORE crusades) WERE AROUND - middle East.
THEY (zero's) were ~written~ already - QUESTION was this on Vellum or 

what i'm trying to ask, is HOW 'OLD' _COULD_ IT BE?? & no older.

Surely not older than writing, and surely it wasn't written yesterday.

Is vellum older than papyrus? ( dead sea scroll? etc..)

~critters~ abound in this dating of the vms, and i just would like to 
have the farthest _OUTSIDE window for a date_ - as you all close in on 
an INSIDE date (per previousd authors concerning this *I SEE THIS* vms

Thanks for your ~pondering time~
best to you & yours
steve (it's OLDER THAN YOU THINK (ES)) ekwall

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