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Re: VMs: Oldest Dating "Running code" -- I hope not...

Zitat von steve ekwall <ekwall2@xxxxxxxx>:

> ...
> hi all :-)
> just re-considering (older than you think(ES)/ DATE....
> since I had never seen the VMS before ES said "IT'S OLDER than you 
> think", I've a question or two ref: DATE (if I might) ....
> ...
> I want a window of date possible:
> question(s): IF VELLUM (how old can that be?) oldest date?
> ...
> -=se=-
> steve (it's OLDER THAN YOU THINK (ES)) ekwall

Cheers Steve,



there is mention of books made of "parchment and vellum" as early as 200 BC; 
unfortunately it gives no details about what and where.

But I'd guess "Roman Era" is the earliest reasonably possible date for the VM. 
The Romans had crossbows, too AFAIK, and some of the costume depicted _could_ 
be some very fancy Roman dress.

I'd personally still very much subscribe to the 15th cty.


   Agilmar, a man with two watches

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