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Re: VMs: Re: The latest on Kennedy & Churchill's book...

--- Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Nick Pelling incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote

> > For example, one woman was convinced it was
> > mirrored High German (it isn't),
> And that's a fact huh? Oh you are so authoritative
> Nick!

I'm pretty sure Nick's point can be maintained.
Even if the MS were in High German, it would have
to have gone through such an amount of 'encryption'
that it could just as well have been French, Finnish
or Faetar. I'm sure that this was not the point
of the lady's theory. The 'mirrored' is also a 
dead giveaway.
> > and another man was equally convinced from his
> > research at the British
> > Library that it was a Kelly hoax (it wasn't):
> With such an intellect a solution must be imminent.
> You have it all taped.

I'm with Jeff here (well, at least with his 
objection :-) ). We're not yet in a position
to prove that it wasn't Kelly. Perhaps this man's
particular theory can be disproven, though.

Cheers, Rene

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