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Re: Re: VMs: Folio and Quire numbers

Hello René,  

>The usual argument is:
>1) cryptographers say it is too complicated to be
>   a medieval code
Apparently it is too complicated to be a modern code as well, since they cannot solve it anyway :-). They simply cannot move it, because they do not know the language. How can one identify the solution if he cannot read it?
>2) linguists say that it is no known langauage
But is it an unknown language? Is it a language at all? Even the know language is illegible, if it is coded.  
>  3) there is too much structure for it to be  meaningless (i.e. a hoax).
I can name thousand things which have complicated structure but no verbal meaning (for instance music). As for the hoax: it is about the time to define the hoax. Broadly speaking,  it simply pretends to be something which is not -  but what is it the VM actually pretends to be? If we do not know that, then calling it a hoax is a hoax itself: it pretends to be a solution, but it is not :-).

4) Let's not forget the unknown script - as we can see it may not represent just a simple alphabet. If not, than the EVA transcript is just conversion from one unknown code into another unknown code, as  it seems to be this case.


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