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Re: Re: VMs: Folio and Quire numbers

At 11:48 01/04/2004 -0500, Jan wrote:

As for the hoax: it is about the time to define the hoax. Broadly speaking, it simply pretends to be something which is not - but what is it the VM actually pretends to be? If we do not know that, then calling it a hoax is a hoax itself: it pretends to be a solution, but it is not :-).

"What the Vms. pretends to be?" I think there are two ways to answer this (rather important, IMHO) question:

1) Telling the INTENTION (or purpose) of the maker of the ms.

2) Telling what the ms. looks like (and assuming this is what it was intended to look like)

I assume that 1) is largely impossible, without asking the maker himself and trusting his answer.

On the other hand, 2) seems to me relatively easy: it "looks like" a ms. of the late XIV - early XVI century, with text written in a writing not attested elsewhere and with drawings of plants, bathing women.... the text "looks like" is it related to the drawings.

It might sound simplistic (and probably it is), but I can't see much more than that on this issue (a typical Forrest Gump's statement?).


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