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Re: VMs: Way OT: Parallel Universes

Bruce Grant wrote:
> Two comments on parallel universes:
> 1.   For those who are interested in the science fiction of alternative
> histories, there is a very comprehensive site about them at
> "www.uchronia.com".
A good one.

> 2.   Does anyone on the list recall a story about a guy who starts
> drifting gradually sideways through alternative worlds  that differ only
> slightly from one another? By the end of the story the changes have
> piled up and the world, though much like our own, is inhabited by
> intelligent reptiles.
The story you remember is one of my favorites: "The Drifter" by Lawrence
Watt-Evans in his book of shorts "Crosstime Traffic" (Del Rey/Ballantine
1992). He also wrote a very interesting webpage:


We can never predict the alternate past/present/future just as we can
never predict our own.

I am writing a book about time travel and would welcome any off-list


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