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VMs: Writer's Motivation

Let me start off saying, I am not sure if this was
disgussed, but there are several questions that have
been buring and I was hoping this was solved

1. what would be the motives for writing an
untranslatable book in the 1500's? (if this was in
fact a hoax)

2. the book was sold for 600 gold ducats which is how
much in todays cash?

3. if Emperor Rudolf II of Bohemia was scamed in
buying this book what was he told it did or could do
for him?

4. it is implied that this is not the complete book,
is there any info on who currently has or had the
completed book?

5. using handwritting analysis (my psychology prof
would get upset at me suggesting this) what can this
tell us about the writer?

6. had the book been carbon dated yet?

7. what in today's standards could convince you to buy
an untranslatable book? 

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