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Re: VMs: Writer's Motivation

Some interesting questions from Jonathan Lopez.

In their evaluation, we should not forget that
'common sense' in the current age, and in the 
15th Century are not the same thing...

> 3. if Emperor Rudolf II of Bohemia was scam[m]ed in
> buying this book what was he told it did or could do
> for him?

_If_ he bought it, which is what we know from
hearsay, I doubt he was scammed. The seller would
already have been unable to read it. Rudolf
was a person who was obsessed by mysterious and
odd artefacts, and it fits with his character that
he would buy such a book.

> 7. what in today's standards could convince you to
> buy an untranslatable book? 

I have some books that are translatable, but
which I cannot read. I (used to) collect Asterix
books in other languages. The ones in Hebrew and
Finnish will always remain unreadable to me.
If I saw a Chinese one in a shop tomorrow, I would
not hesitate to buy it.

Cheers, Rene

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