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Re: Re: VMs: Further investigatio of folio f1r

Hello Barbara,  

======= At 2004-04-06, 11:14:00 you wrote: =======

>Barbara Babbles; >I agree. IIRC in the comparison between the VMS and Latin was 
with Modern >Latin (the Vulgate), however, I believe there are over 40 
orthographic and >spelling differences between Medieval Latin and both Modern 
and Classical >Latin (I can't find by tome on medieval Latin to confirm this). 
This also >changed from country to country: eg Irish Medieval Latin wasn't the 
same as >say English or German Medieval Latin. > >I think more than substitution 
is at work.

Exactly - I did corresponding  "sign-to-letter" conversion, based on 
sign frequency, but didn't get too far.   There still can be one (or more?) transposition ciphers present. Or it can be something altogether different :-). 
Best regards.				 Jan

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