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Re: VMs: poll

--- Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> From: "Dennis" <tsalagi@xxxxxxxx>

> > Jeff wrote:

> > > does telling people I can read bits of it count?
> >
> > Sure.  Stand and deliver, if you're ready!  ;-)
> No one would believe me anyway. Everyone is so
> entrenched.

Jeff, it is very simple, really.

Newbold delivered plaintext already in the 1920's.
Several paragraphs worth of it.

Levitov did the same in the 90's and so did
John Stojko (before or after, I am not sure).
Both translated several pages.
Others have generated translations of short
pieces of text (Strong, Feely, Child).

None of these translations have become generally
accepted, for whichever reason.

  (Now one might say that that is all due to the
   negative attitude of the people on the list,
   but clearly of these N solutions, at least
   N-1 have to be wrong. I think that the number
   is higher.)

So, you see, presenting a translation is not 
enough. You'll have to convince people of the

Good luck!



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