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Re: VMs: Further investigatio of folio f1r

Barbara Barrett wrote:

> I believe a writing system invented between the 8th and 16thC would reflect
> those preoccupation's. The writing system would visibly reflect grammar and
> instruct in vocalization. Therefore in the VMS the "o" before many labels
> for example could mean "declaim a noun", the i, ii, iii, + l/m/n/r sequences
> could grammatically classify the sentence. Repeated words could be
> declamation instructions (the word only being read once, but the repeat
> instructing how to voice the next section). *If* this is the case with the
> VMS then each letterform would have values beyond the purely phonetic.

	Fascinating, Barb!  No else has even considered this
line before, and it sounds good to me!  By all means
pursue it.  

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