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VMs: Hittite [was: Further investigatio of folio f1r]

> Jan Jotted;
> ... it was prof. Hrozny who once solved the
> writing of Hittites when he established there were no vowels there ( I
> he  got it from archaic German). Interestingly enough he did all the work
> being in charge of military storage room in Vienna during First World War
and > in his book, he even thanked his commander for giving him enough time
to do > it

Barbara Blithers;
Huh? This contradicts all info I have on Hrozny - who identified the
language as indo-european from vocabulary (eg wa-a-ta^r = water) and
concured that the signs were syllabic of the forms V and CV. He certainly
deciphered quite a number of words and sign values (mostly correct) but his
work was a stepping stone on the road to dechiperment rather than its end.

See "The Story of Decipherment (revised edition) " by Maurice Pope, ISBN
0-500-28105-X, pp141.


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