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Re: Labels, was Re: VMs: Blanks

Rene, you asked about Arabic. Sorry, but I've been busy and haven't been
following the discussion. I am now sorting the list, (as I always do) into
various topics for later reference.)

In you message you said:

Nothing specific about the history, but I remind you about a figure with
short (and unreadable :-) )
labels at my web site. Go to http://www.voynich.nu/extras.html to the very
bottom, and click on the reference to
the Indian illustration. There are short labels there. If anyone on the list
can read Arabic, I'd be interested to know what they say.
But perhaps the language isn't Arabic - just the script.

The language is not Arabic. The "arabic' script is used by writers of Farsi
(Iran/Persian) and Urdu (Pakistan) Several of the words use three dots over
or uder a letter. These are not Arabic but it is a trait shared by Farsi or
Urdu. (I don't read either of these). The reason for these extra letters, is
that Arabic was adopted as the language of the Muslims, but these languages
had sounds that Arabic didn't have, so they 'invented' several new letters.


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