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VMs: Bacon

Here's an idea I think no onr has considered so I'll throw it open for

Imagine the Bacon binary cipher ie aaaaa aaaab aaaba etc. What if this was
modified to include a set pattern for 1 & 0. So at position 1 e=0 & c=1, at
position 2 d=0 and o=1

For these patterns you would get combinations of ed, eo, cd & co. Now add to
this the imaginative idea of including a blank into certain combinations so
that space would equal either 1 or 0 for certain positions and you get
patterns that would repeat rather well. You would need nore than one table
however and a strict rule as to when each table was used. Quick, neat &

I ffel that there are just too many 'half spaces' and if they were actually
part of the code this might actually make sense.

Does anyone have any thoughts?


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