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Re: VMs: Bacon

Bruce Grant bgrant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote
on 08 April 2004 04:50

> Jeff wrote:
> >Imagine the Bacon binary cipher ie aaaaa aaaab aaaba etc. What if this
> >modified to include a set pattern for 1 & 0. So at position 1 e=0 & c=1,
> >position 2 d=0 and o=1
> >

Bruce replied

> Something like this could explain why some characters usually appear as
> initials or finals.
> To try to support this I guess you would have to look at letter
> frequencies by character position within the word, to see if there are a
> lot of different character alternatives in a position or only a few. (Of
> course, 0 and 1 could each be represented by several characters, too.)
> I seems like it would be hard to reconcile with the variations of word
> length and the existence of 1-character words though.
> Bruce

Well it would need a lot of analysis. However it was merely a sudden idea I
had which I wanted to open to debate. I do not consider it as seriously as
other options. The idea is now out there. I do not consider I own it so if
anybody feels the urge to pursue then feel free. It should quickly become
apparent if it is worth continuing. And if someone solves it that way I'll
have some pizza please.


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