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Re: VMs: Smithsonian Botanical Symposium, 6th-8th May 2004

--- William Edmondson <w.h.edmondson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I looked at herbal drawings from 15thC in Wellcome. 
> Some are accurate 
> enough to be readily recognized.  Clearly the poor
> quality drawings are 
> less likely to have survived (they could have caused
> death).
> But VMs 22 as per you link is wrong on so many
> points, and is schematic 
> to a weird degree (it is difficult to imagine what
> was being conveyed by 
> rows of overlapping 'leaves' - even allowing for
> problems of perspective 
> known to have cropped up in relation to, say,
> drawings of buildings).
> It could more plausibly be peony, but only just!

Several remarks:
- peony probably does not have thorns on the roots
- peony is called 'pioenroos' in Dutch (peony-rose).
- More seriously, though, it is worth looking also
  at some less well-executed herbal drawings like
  in Toresella's article. I know that someone 
  geographically quite near you has a copy.

Overall, though, I am not at all convinced that it
is a rose, but I would be not the least surprised
if it turned out to be one, should the text ever
be recovered.

Cheers, Rene

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