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VMs: VMS author

I currently have one main idea as to the authorship of the VMS. Due to
reaserch I have made into the numbers and star identifications made by
Robert Teague I have drawn the conclusion that the author of the VMS was of
German descent. He also knew both Johaness & Catherine Kepler. The
individual might or might not be known to history. The themes of the VMS I
believe to be not only tied into herbalism and astrology but also record
events during both the Protestant reformation and the Catholic counter
reformation. Use was made of information obtained from Kepler in the
astrological section, which I now believe to be astrological readings for
several famous people involved in the aforesaid Protestant/Catholic
antagonisms. Certain dates lead me to believe this.

What is needed for this line of research to continue is information on as
many of Keplers acquaintances as possible. I have found some very
informative websites, however none of them go into enough detail to be
useful. If anyone has any leads on this I would greatly appreciate it.

I do not believe the author to be Galileo, Tycho Brahe, Michael Maestlin or
any other of the well known candidates. This is where things might become
impossible to determine if the records are not there. I already know of the
copies of Kepler's correspondences and will be trying to follow up on those.
The only thing that worries me about this line of inquiry is that I still
cannot match any language better than Italian as the possible plaintext
language. Although admittedly I have not tried German. So anyone got any
links to online German text from the 1500-1600 period? Also the plaintext
might have been latin. Kepler seems to have mostly written in Latin and I
see no reason for the author not to have done the same.


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