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Re: VMs: VMS author

--- Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I currently have one main idea as to the authorship
> of the VMS. Due to
> reaserch I have made into the numbers and star
> identifications made by
> Robert Teague I have drawn the conclusion that the
> author of the VMS was of
> German descent. He also knew both Johaness &
> Catherine Kepler. The
> individual might or might not be known to history.
> The themes of the VMS I
> believe to be not only tied into herbalism and
> astrology but also record
> events during both the Protestant reformation and
> the Catholic counter reformation. 

Hello Jeff,

one of the leading experts on Kepler - I forget her
name but Gabriel surely remembers - has indicated
that she never saw any mention of a VMs-like
document in Kepler's work (in particular his
correspondence). That question was raised, since
Kepler, in his association with Rudolf, may possibly
have had a chance to see or handle the MS, and
there could have been useful information (e.g.
things like: the book which the emperor bought from

To actually suggest that the VMs dates from a
contemporary of Kepler is very hard to maintain,
for several reasons. People normally used paper.
Baresch, 20 years later, referred to the VMs as
an old book. Real MS experts all date the book
to the mid-to-end 15th century.

Best wishes, Rene

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