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Re: RE: VMs: Kepler & the VMS


the most famous story about Brahe's death can be found here 

and it describes the death in very detail.

According to it, I quote, "Brahe went to a state dinner, but he forgot to go to 
the bathroom. Well, since it was considered impolite to leave the table before 
the king, and the king was taking his sweet time eating and dining, Brahe's 
bladder "exploded" and he died."

This story became the most famous in Prague at the time of Brahe's death and is 
still circulating today in history textbooks.  How  to connect it with poisoning 
I do not know and  one can hardly imagine Kepler being involved  in such heinous 
crime - especially Kepler!

Vikipedia has also this comment, in regard to his artificial, silver nose;  I 
quote:  "Tycho's tomb was reopened in 1901 and his remains were examined by 
medical experts. The nasal opening of the skull was rimmed with green, a sign of 
exposure to copper, not silver." The traces of mercury may very well be 
attributed to that exposure.  It is also known fact the mercury  in liquid form 
would rather cause strong diarrhea - it is mecury vapors that  kill.

Still, the poisoning  theory is mentioned here: 


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>Hi everyone,
>As if by magic, a documentary just appeared on German television (I'm not 
>in Germany, I read about it in HASTRO-L) describing the claim that Kepler 
>poisoned Brahe: "Heavenly Intrigue" by G. and A.-L. Gilder.
>Brahe death was from the effects of mercury poisoning, but [summarising the 
>various posts] from the high levels found in his hair post-mortem, it seems 
>more likely to have been self-inflicted (as a result of his alchemical 
>experiments) than as a result of intrigue. But who knows?
>Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....
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