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Re: RE: VMs: Kepler & the VMS

Hello  Nick,

I did gamma corerection of the smaer, you can see it at:

It does look there was something erased or covered by ink, but I do not thing it was any text,


======= At 2004-04-25, 19:05:00 you wrote: =======

>Hi everyone,
>At 11:29 25/04/2004 -0400, John Grove wrote:
>>There are lots of interpretations of diagrams, some I support as possible 
>>but only to keep an eye on for more solid evidence. I think the four 
>>seasons are depicted in f68r3 - but am not completely convinced this is a 
>>correct interpretation.
>Personally, I'm a little more convinced by the Pleiades / Trianguli 
>connection suggested for this page... but the jury is definitely out on 
>this one. :-o
>BTW, has anyone looked closely at the smudged area at the bottom of f68r3? 
>It may just be JPEG noise (as always), but there appear to be some 
>(partially erased?) letter-like shapes there, which ~might~ be an ink 
>transfer from a page from another document... just an observation! :-)
>Cheers, .....Nick Pelling..... 
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Best regards.				 
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