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VMs: Re: Voynich manuscript - Manchu solution claim by Z Banasik #2

It's "impossible" : the manchu writing has a vertical (and rather perfectly
aligned) orientation. The VMS has been writing from left to right without
any difficulty (I have asked to an graphalogist)

Who could maintain a such secrecy to have the solution of the VMS during
several months ? Z. Banasik ? Do you know him ? No news on PAP (nor on
google.pl for example...)

Thirdly, the images aren't asiatic ! The Chinese area hasn't the same
zodical signs as european's ones.... and so on

4°) In this mailing list, in the past, Jeff  has written us some emails like
that, saying he had the solution... without solution (but he is trying to
help us. Thanks).


> Hi folks,
> I am forwarding the messages below at the author's request:
>   ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>   From: "Zbigniew Banasik" <zbigniew_banasik@xxxxx>
>   Date: Tue, May 4, 2004 16:02
>   Do you need my Voynich manuscript solution?
>   My English is poor so the message is short.
>   I know how to read the manuscript.
>   It is written in one of the ancient asiatic languages.
>   I know its morphology, grammar and orthography.
>   PAP (Polish Press Agency) published this message (with more details) -
>   29 Oct 2003.
>   Some Polish newspapers wrote about it later.
>   Zbigniew Banasik
> All the best,
> --stolfi

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