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VMs: Re: Voynich manuscript - Manchu solution claim by Z Banasik

Barbara Babbles;

I'm not able to see a relationship to the VMS with any of the past or
present manchu/mongolian alphabets - however I concede that an invented
script for manchu following manchu orthographic patterns would give
cryptographers headaches because Manchu letters can have not only initial,
medial, and final forms but also a letter can have any of 4 phonemic values
depending upon flanking letters and the gender of the word (or more
accurately: vowel harmony).

If one were to invent a single character and then say it is the initial form
of (1) the medical form of (2) and the final form of (3) and it's phonemic
value like standard Manchu depended upon flanking letters and word
gender/vowel harmony. Make this valid for printed letters (as opposed to
connected ones as in Manchu/Mongolian) and you'd have a fairly impenetrable

The Hoards left colonies all over western Europe, so knowledge of the Mongol
script and Language could have been preserved in, for example, Mediaeval
France, then the knowledge learned and applied by a European.

So I don't find the notion that the VMS script/language is related to manchu
an impossible idea, and there's nothing in the VMS that excludes this

Therefore the questions are;
1) How did Zbigniew Banasik make the connection.
2) Can others reproduce his results.
3) does it work for all of the MS, without gaps or sections of gobbledygook.

I look forward to hearing more.


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