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Re: VMs: OT: You can't keep Bletchley vets down!

Milo Velimirovic quoted:

Tucked away within the 900-acre grounds, they found their puzzle: a stone
monument built around 1748, containing a carved relief of Nicholas Poussin's
Les Bergers d'Arcadie II in reverse. The picture shows a female figure
watching as three shepherds gather around a tomb and point at letters within
an inscription carved upon it, which read: Et in Arcadia Ego! (And I am in
Arcadia too.) Beneath it the letters O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V. are carved, and
underneath them a D and an M.

Chief among these is the
belief that the connections of the estate's creators, the Anson family, with
the grand masters of the closed society of Knights Templar, and the
supernatural myths surrounding the estate - where lay lines meet, rivers
cross and UFO spotters regularly gather - are evidence that the carving
holds the secret to the Holy Grail.

When I heard this story on NPR, my first thought was that 10 characters seemed kind of short to hold the secret of the Holy Grail - unless it says something like "Dig here!"


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