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Re: VMs: OT: You can't keep Bletchley vets down!

Barbara Barrett wrote:
Pity we can not get them interesteded in the VMS or the Hampton Diaries

an inscription carved upon it, which read: Et in Arcadia Ego! (And I am in
Arcadia too.) Beneath it the letters O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V. are carved, and
underneath them a D and an M.

This looks to me like initials, as are used (for example) in the booklets you sometimes see that remind Masons of the wording of their rituals. I'd guess Latin -- perhaps even a known tag. Perhaps something like "Ora Ut Omnia Veritas, Amor, Virtus Vincunt" (I don't know Latin, and I'm sure half a dozen here can correct my tenses), which I'm guessing migh mean approximately "pray that truth, love and honor prevail over all", for example. Then the DM could either be the initals of the person to be remembered, or perhaps another tag, like Deo Memoria or however *that* would be declined. -- Jim Gillogly Monday, 22 Thrimidge S.R. 2004, 17:33, 3 Ben 16 Uo, Third Lord of Night

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