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Re: VMs: La Vecchia Religione

Hi Dennis,

At 02:26 15/05/2004 -0500, you wrote:
> For example, the spindle held in the
> left hand of the damsel at the top left of f80v (also in f76v) has always
> caught my attention.

        Hm.  This is Gabriel's "yellow submarine"!  FWIW
(which is zero), Levitov said this is the sistrum of
Isis, and the damsel is Isis.  A sistrum is a musical
instrument, a rattle.  I always thought it was a flower

Here's a 2002 email from GC on this subject:-

        From: GC [mailto:glenclaston@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
        Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 15:47:56 -0600
        Subject: RE: What *is* that object those nymphs are holding?

        Do you mean the object that some say looks like a
        *flute*?  One of the instruments of physicke
        associated with bathing is a bladder for inserting
        herbal washes and medicines into the "matrix".
        This tool was called a "syringe".  I've been
        searching for a picture of this instrument, but
        all I've found to date is the description.  There
        is a second type that looks something like a
        child's wooden top that was used for inserting
        suppositories into the "foundament" (you guessed
        it).  Until I find a picture of the "syringe"
        bladder, I can't be certain, but it's a good

        Ah, I've got it!  The VMs is the Insidious Dr. Fu
Manchu's secret master plan to conquer the world!  The
herbal pages are new strains of opium to addict and
enslave the people and add money to his Golden Hoard,
the biological pages are the nymphs being bred and
trained to seduce the people, the astrological pages
compute the most propitious moment to strike, and the
recipe pages outline the details and dates of the
plan!  If we can only decipher it, we may yet be able
to foil his dastardly plan!

IIRC, the Opium Wars happened because China refused to continue allowing semi-legal British bootleggers/pirates/traders to import opium from India. Dr Fu Manchu may well have unwittingly personified (in spirit) the opium resistance - erm... exactly *whose* plan was so dastardly? :-o

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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