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Re: VMs: Clustering by context - promising or not?

	This sounds great, Petr.  By all means try it or
AntMover!  I know you tried Son of Glotto.  Did you
ever get anywhere with it?  

	Gabriel and Mark Perakh looked at the syntax of
Voynichese, but the surface has just been scratched...


PK#01 wrote:
> I found this:
> SenseClusters creates clusters of given text instances (an instance could be
> a group of one or more sentences that form a context of the target word)
> such that instances grouped together in the same cluster are contextually
> more similar to each other than to other instances and thus are more likely
> to use same meaning of the target word. Each cluster thus represents a
> single word meaning that is shared by the instances belonging to that
> cluster.
> http://senseclusters.sourceforge.net/
> I would dearly like to let this loose on the VMS, but I'm afraid that it is
> a hell of a job getting it to work. On the other hand it might be a great
> way to distiguish gibberish text from natural language.
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