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Re: VMs: VBScript for finding repeating strings

Hi everybody. Here is something intriguing for a bookworm like me: a... riddle about this attached VMS book which is seemingly for sale and I already several times noticed that the dates of its publication are on this site at least regularly moving towards the future as you may see if you check it say every month or so:
My explanation at the moment is that either it is an e-hoax or that the authors of

Voynich Manuscript: The Unsolved Riddle of an Extraordinary 16th Century Book Which Even Today Defies Interpretation
~Gerry Kennedy, Rob Churchill
Hardcover - July 29, 2004


continue to struggle with the riddle...or with their publishers?
BTW does anyone heard about them? Hem I am a new VMS fan thus perhaps they are in the list? In this case I possibly will have an answer!
Many thanks, and regards,
Jean Artero

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