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Re: VMs: VBScript for finding repeating strings


I am trying to understand the "A" images. Referring to Test 2B, I 
think the relatively open vertical bars indicate that few new 
qualifying strings were found in the interval (x-axis ca. 12000) and 
the relatively open horizontal bars show a lapse in the text in which 
there are few repetitions (y-axis ca. 48000). Different subject 
matter? The sparsely-filled open bars would form borders of 
triangles. Does the lower edge show first occurrences of qualifying 
strings? But do I see dots above gaps in the lower edge?  How would a 
"random" text for comparison be constructed? Line shuffling?

In the tests, can strings be partially on one line and partially on 
the next line? 

Ciao .............. Knox

    On Thu, 20 May 2004 at 08:12:44 +0200
    Petr (PK#01) wrote:

    An interesting intermediate result after one night of number 

    The program is not finished yet, but there is definitely a structure 
    the results. I don't really know what I'm seeing :-) It might be he
    sections, of the Currier languages, who knows ...

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