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VMs: Index of Coincidence

Does anyone have other figures for the VMS?

Culpeper Herbal-first part 
IC	0.066301742 

Liber Salomonis
IC	0.068629442 (even that)

The same selection from Takahashi that Petr is using:
IC	0.077060965
First 8 lines  IC	0.080341289
Next 10 lines  IC	0.080025063
First 19 lines IC	0.079287556
Next 1200 letters IC	0.082788435
More IC	0.083745581
More IC	0.087200258
Last paragraph of the selection: IC	0.078662734

Random-1: IC	0.038718719

Random-2: IC	0.038202202

This is not right and I am not sure what I am doing with this
but I tried Hamptonese:
IC	0.121751581 <----- error
Maybe something later, if possible
If everything is doubled, it might get to .06 but ???

There is another similar test which might be better to describe text 
but I only saw the name in passing. I might be Index of Correlation. 
?  ?  ?

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