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Re: VMs: Index of Coincidence

knoxmix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
The same selection from Takahashi that Petr is using:
IC	0.077060965
First 8 lines  IC	0.080341289
Next 10 lines  IC	0.080025063
First 19 lines IC	0.079287556
Next 1200 letters IC	0.082788435
More IC	0.083745581
More IC	0.087200258
Last paragraph of the selection: IC	0.078662734

As with all VMs analysis, before doing an IC you need to establish precisely what constitutes the alphabet -- if you use a raw stroke-based alphabet and the actual letter-like elements are coarser, your IC estimate will be quite high.

	Jim Gillogly
	Hevensday, 1 Forelithe S.R. 2004, 23:59, 12 Ik 5 Zip, Third Lord of Night
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