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Re: VMs: Index of Coincidence

On 22 May 2004 at 20:25, Jim Gillogly wrote:
> As with all VMs analysis, before doing an IC you need to
> establish precisely what constitutes the alphabet -- if you
> use a raw stroke-based alphabet and the actual letter-like
> elements are coarser, your IC estimate will be quite high.
> -- 
>  Jim Gillogly
>  Hevensday, 1 Forelithe S.R. 2004, 23:59
>, 12 Ik 5 Zip, Third Lord of Night
> ______________________________________________________________________

Thanks Jim,

I understand. I thought it might give an idea of how much 
simplification might be required. I have made many attempts to 
establish an approximation to the alphabet. All results were wrong. I 
have the idea that what Petr is doing is not much affected by the 
particular transcription or modification as long as it is consistent 
but I do not know.  

Incidentally, the "random" letter frequencies were from the first two 
uses of Dennis' script and were about as would be expected (near 3.8 -
with only 26 variables -- and not 3.5, as I wrongly remembered). 

I know nothing about cryptology. I just applied something that I had 
found some time ago. 

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