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Re: Re: VMs: Split -ol- pairs...?

Hello Rene,  

======= At 2004-05-25, 07:20:00 you wrote: =======

>1) label words are found in the text, flanked
>   by spaces
That of course does not eliminate the possibility that there are 
some additonal spaces used as zeroes, placed in the remaining text.  We do not need to claim that all spaces are spaces, to be on the safe side. Introducing additional spaces to shorten some words will not obscure the text for the reader who knows the script and language, but it may surely confuse somebody who does not know the language and thinks that the spade is the spade - pardon  the pun, I meant "the space is the space" :-).
>2) spaces have more variation of letters around
>   them than the other characters. 

Each space - except at the beginning or at the end of the  paragraph (or page)  - has  two neighbours, both of them being letters.  That is not so for  the starting or ending letter of each "word". They have only one neigbour - the other one is the space, which you do not count as a letter. Naturally, there is then less choices for such characters and most likely also less variations - or do you somehow account for that?  I suppose the low quantity of such variations is somehow compensated by the fact that we have twice more of those letters than spaces, but it will surely make the accuracy of the result questionable.

On the other hand, there is a really valid suspicion for additonal spaces as zeroes: the undisputable "shortness" of the VM words. Unless we find the language that would fit the VM as it is, without any reasonable doubt, the jury cannot discard the posibility of the additional zeroes. And after we return back from Manchurian detour there will be even languages to worry about :-). 

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