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Re: Re: VMs: Split -ol- pairs...?

--- Jan <hurychj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Rene,  
> >1) label words are found in the text, flanked
> >   by spaces

> That of course does not eliminate the possibility
> that there are 
> some additonal spaces used as zeroes, placed in the
> remaining text. 

That is certainly possible. They might be zeroes
or nulls, or have some other function. But then,
perhaps, one also might expect labels occasionally
to consist of two parts separated by a space.
In fact, I think that this is happening from time
to time, not in the zodiac section but elsewhere.

I am also open to the idea that a VMs 'word'  
does not necessarily translate to a plain
text word, even though it continues to be my
working assumption that it does.

> >2) spaces have more variation of letters around
> >   them than the other characters. 
> Each space - except at the beginning or at the end
> of the  paragraph (or page)  - has  two neighbours,
> both of them being letters.  That is not so for  the
> starting or ending letter of each "word". They have
> only one neigbour - the other one is the space,
> which you do not count as a letter. 

Actually, when I did the analysis many years
ago, I treated the space as just another letter,
and looked at entropies of characters following
each letter and entropies of characters preceding
each letter. Higher entropy indicated higher
variability. The space scored highest in the
sum of the two, as it did in English and Latin.
In the plain texts, the vowels really stood out
as a small group with higher entropies (of 
surrounding characters). In Voynichese, those that
we usually consider to be vowels also did, but
not nearly as clearly.

Cheers, Rene

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