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RE: VMs: Changes at the Beinecke Website

From: "Robert Teague" <rteague@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

A search for "MS 408" pulls up 21 pages. The first three
and a half are the same ones that have been there for a long
time, and the rest are set up but have broken picture links.

I'm not sure this is significant. You always did get 21 pages if you input "MS 408", but the seventeen and a half were images of a musical manuscript which you can still see if you click on the link BRLB DL under the thumbnail.

When the new images do appear I would not be amazed if
the Beinecke server crashed. Some people will remember
how demand for the digitised 1901 census of Britain was
underestimated by a factor of ten a couple of years ago and
the release date postponed by months. List members should
be ready to mirror anything they do manage to download.

Philip Neal

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