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Re: VMs: Changes at the Beinecke Website

> I'm not sure this is significant. You always did get 21 pages if
> you input "MS 408", but the seventeen and a half were images
> of a musical manuscript which you can still see if you click on
> the link BRLB DL under the thumbnail.

I think it significant that the broken images all have "cypher
manuscript" under them, which I don't remember the music
pages having.

I can be wrong, but IIRC, a search for "Voynich" or "Voynich
Manuscript" pulled up 4 pages, while "MS 408" pulled up 11.

I also note that clicking BRLB DL under a VMs thumbnail
also takes you to the music score.

> When the new images do appear I would not be amazed if
> the Beinecke server crashed. Some people will remember
> how demand for the digitised 1901 census of Britain was
> underestimated by a factor of ten a couple of years ago and
> the release date postponed by months. List members should
> be ready to mirror anything they do manage to download.

You're probably right. Personally, I plan to go for the Astro/Cosmo
section first, and get the rest later.  My stepson's color printer is
going to be working overtime.


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